Space Jam: Vaping Thatís Out Of This World

Tuesday, 3 May 2016  |  Admin

There’s not much sweeter than the memory of Michael Jordan helping Bugs Bunny save the galaxy like only sporting heroes of the mid-90s can, but Space Jam E-juice might be just that. “Bought to earth in 2012”, Space Jam brings we mere humans a slam dunk of tasty vaping flavours even Mr. Jordan can’t beat.

E.T. = Extra Tasty

2012: The vaping world as humanity knew it was struggling to its feet – brand new vaping technology was within our grasp but with such primitive means mankind was unable to unlock the full potential of their devices. Until Space Jam arrived. Beaming new flavours to earth, Space Jam left users starry eyed and rocketed to the top when it came to making e-juice worthy of the highest standards. 

Space Jam

Alien In-vape-sion

You’ll never be so happy to give in to your alien overlords like so many Space Jam fans before you. Whether it’s the strawberry and champagne indulgence of Galactica or the tobacco and vanilla tones that Eclipse the competition, Space Jam offer sky-high flavour to give you a vaping experience that’s out of this world!

All Your Base Are Belong To Us

Space Jam’s other-worldly knowledge of VG and PG has created a superior base for sky-bound clouds. Space Jam also offer “High” versions of their e-juice blends, so you’ll never have to choose between loving a big flavour or loving big clouds ever again! Pluto High, Astro High and Andromeda High, no, not names of intergalactic high schools (although you never know...), yummy high VG blends of Space Jam’s signature flavours to send your clouds and taste buds soaring!

Handmade by Aliens

Every bottle of Space Jam’s e-juice is handmade (even if those hands are green and kind of scaly) to give you the highest quality vaping experience.  Available in a range of nicotine strengths, our alien friends aren’t about to let kicking the nicotine habit stop you enjoying the gift of extreme vapour indulgence – zero percent nicotine blends are available across this whole range of marvellous Martian flavours.

Blast off!

Not so long ago in a galaxy not so far away, this one actually, Vape Mountain made contact with the life forms responsible for Space Jam’s E-juices and were given their precious cargo to pass on to humankind. Enrol in Vape Mountain’s space programme!