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OK Vape Pricing Update

1 Comment1 July 2022

At Vape Mountain, we appreciate our customers, and we thank you for choosing us as your preferred provider of vaping products. We've long been committed to keeping our prices as low as possible, but given recent market challenges, this is becoming more difficult than ever.

The recent increases in the cost of transport and raw materials have led to a rise in prices from our manufacturers, which has made it impossible for us to maintain our previous pricing on the OK vape e-cigarettes and refills. While we're trying to absorb as much of this increase we can, we regretfully announce that we must now raise pricing across the OK Vape range.

How Will This Affect OK Vape?

The OK Vape range will continue to be available in the same multi-pack sizes, with discounts available for larger bulk purchases. Prices on all refills have now increased, and these prices have been applied across our OK Vape product areas.

The sizes of each OK Vape refill package will remain unchanged, and the same multi-packs are still available.

Are Prices Due to Rise Again?

Unfortunately, this will depend on ongoing costs of material and transport, which may continue to rise in the future. Our team at Vape Mountain will continue to do everything possible to maintain our current pricing for as long as possible, but a further increase in the near future appears likely.

We understand how important these products are for our customers, and will ensure that our pricing remains transparent throughout the OK Vape range. Our pricing will continue to provide the best value possible against the recommended retail price of OK Vape.

Committed to Our Customers

Our Vape Mountain team is committed to providing the best service to our customers, which includes fulfilling orders on time, and providing all information necessary for you to make the best purchasing decisions. We sincerely thank you for your business, and we hope we can continue to be of service in the future.

Martin Seguss
19 October 2023  |  16:46

Whilst I accept your price increases could you please explain why your advertised prices DO NOT make sense. It would seem cheaper to bye 2 separate boxes of 10 OK vape cartridges then order 2 boxes.
would appreciate your response.

Martin Seguss