Kilo E-Liquids - Worth Weight-ing For

Tuesday, 26 April 2016  |  Admin

With the growing popularity of vaping, e-liquid producers are now very much in demand. As a result, it must be tempting to try and hop on the bandwagon and churn out as many products as possible, without being concerned about the quality. That's not the direction that Kilo have chosen to take, though. With a small yet varied range, they've backed the quality of their e-liquids.

Who Are Kilo?

Kilo are a premium e-liquid company all the way from California in the US of A. Founded in 2014, the brand represents greater freedom of expression through unique ideas and tastes, while retaining its own originality and iconic style. The line comprises five distinct e-liquids with distinct flavours, and with quality always coming before quantity this is certainly a brand to watch for the future.

The Range

Kilo's products promote a smooth throat hit with great clouds of vapour, thanks to the 70/30 VG to PG ratio. The range mostly focuses on sweet flavours such as fruits, berries and cream, for those who want a sweet treat or an enjoyable all day vape. The child-proof bottle stoppers also add a vital element of safety to the e-liquids. Here are the flavours:

  • Kilo Cereal Milk - this e-juice comprises the flavours of, cereal and milk, believe it or not. It has been designed to represent the taste and experience of that last bit of milk that has been infused with a fruity cereal. Available from 0 - 12mg of nicotine, and in sizes from 15 - 120ml, this e-liquid is a great choice for taking you back to your childhood.
  • Kilo Dewberry Cream - this flavour combines refreshing honeydew melon, fresh berries and cream, for a balanced and enjoyable vape. 
  • Kilo Fruit Whip - a fruity concoction which takes you to a warm summer day basking in the sun, fruit whip is bursting with the ripe, fresh flavours of apples, pears and tropical fruits, together with a creamy finish. 
  • Kilo Kiberry Yoghurt - providing a refreshing, creamy taste, kiberry yoghurt combines kiwis and strawberries for a fresh and light vaping experience you'll keep coming back to.
  • Kilo Tru Blue - blueberries and custard combine in a perfect blend of sweet and fresh ingredients. Great for a treat or all day vaping!

Where Can I Get It?

Like the sound of Kilo's e-liquids? Well that's great news, because here at Vape Mountain we stock all of the Kilo range. Just click here to browse the range of Kilo E-Liquids