Is Vaping Legal?

Monday, 25 April 2016  |  Admin


We’re all for pushing boundaries here at Vape Mountain, whether it’s with flavour or with how big a cloud you can puff out, but we wouldn’t be about selling you something that isn’t even legal. So rest assured, there is nothing even remotely unlawful about you enjoying your vape, and let no one tell you otherwise. (Unless you're under 18, then listen to your mother and take that e-cigarette out of your mouth!)

What you may like to know though, is while vaping in itself is legal, 2016 may be a year of big change for the laws surrounding how you vape.

2016 Vaping Laws

The new laws are looming, and if they are passed, the following changes may befall your favourite vaping devices and products. With a third of vapers apparently willing to go to the black market for their e-liquids, we hope we don’t need to tell you that yes, that would be considered illegal. Make sure you stay on the right side of the law by knowing what vaping goods will be permitted and which won’t be:

Is vaping legal?

1. All refillable products may be banned: 

Tanks and catridges are likely to be downsized, with refillable products that run the risk of being poorly secured also likely to be banned.

2. Replaceable heads may be banned:

Once again this is due to safety, and to discourage “tampering” and increased risk of burns and spills.

3. E-juices will be available in 10ml bottles only

At the moment there is no limit on how big your bottle of e-liquid can be, soon there will be.

4. Variable-voltage and variable-watt products may be banned

The argument here is that set-voltage devices deliver nicotine in a controlled amount.

5. E-liquids with more than 20mg will be banned

For most brands this means their 24mg offerings will have to be scrapped, while others may opt to go no higher than 18mg.

6. Childproof containers

Won’t somebody please think of the children?!

On the positive side of things, much more in depth ingredient information concerning what is used in e-liquids will be required of manufacturers, so you can have a clearer picture of precisely what it is you are inhaling.

So, you and your vaporiser certainly aren’t breaking any rules, at least not at the moment. In a few months time, should these laws come into effect then maybe you will be. Either way Vape Mountain will only ever offer the highest quality goods for you to enjoy vaping, and totally within the realms of legality too.