Is Vaping Healthy?

Tuesday, 19 April 2016  |  Admin

Ah the humble vaporiser, 40 times fewer ingredients than tobacco smoke, produces harmless vapour and makes none of the lung-damaging tar of regular smokes...but is vaping healthy, really?

The Breath Ins and Outs

Vape Mountain is all about bringing you the highest quality vaping solutions we can find, but (and bear with us here) we do feel obligated to remind you of your secondary school science, in particular that lesson where your teacher tried to scare you off smoking. We’re not here to do that (you’re an adult now!) but do be aware that inhaling anything more potent than air is never going to be the healthiest thing you can do for your lungs. Remember how Mr. Granger would tell you a ride on the tube is equal to 20 cigarettes? Vaping isn’t so different so far as putting foreign substances in your body is concerned.

No studies have proven that Vaping is fundamentally unhealthy, but it doesn’t take a brain (or lung) surgeon to tell you that not smoking/vaping at all is definitely healthier. Chances are, though, if you’re a typical vaper, you’re already a regular tobacco smoker, making vaping comparatively the healthier choice.

Better Than Cigarettes

Chemicals: Cigarettes are made using over 200 different toxins, while vaping fluids require only 5 ingredients. Statistically speaking, you’re going to find a lot more nasties in your cigs than in your e-juices.

Winner: Vaping

Nicotine: E-juices are made with a range for nicotine levels for you to choose from, whether you’re a heavy smoker looking for a heavy hit or a once-was nicotine user who has successfully reached the 0% mark. Cigarettes don’t offer such an easy to gauge nicotine content, with even ‘light’ cigarettes not being all that lighter.

Winner: Vaping

Cost: E-cigarettes incur an average yearly cost of £400 for the user, unlike the average £700 of cigarettes.

Winner: Vaping

Social: Vaping is not subject to the indoor smoking law but many brands have placed a ban on them all the same. If you plan on taking a National Express coach while puffing on your vape-pen you should also make a plan B for when you are kicked off, the same goes for all London transport, including platforms and stations. Some branches of restaurants and bars have also banned the devices. Why? Mostly to ensure the comfort of their other non-smoking customers, and for fear that vaping can be easily confused with traditional smoking. So while the law isn’t saying you can’t vape indoors, everywhere else probably is.

Winner: Tie

Regulations: Vaping, as a new and growing market is a lot more prone to newcomers making a grab for their own vaping-based fortune. Unfortunately that means the market is hard to regulate, and there is no way of knowing what is contained within that strange new bargain brand's efluids.

Winner: Cigarettes


Vaping has some good things going for it – more, we like to think, than boring old tobacco. Is is a great way to wean yourself off tobacco and ultimately nicotine? Mostly yes, but there are plenty of vapers who don’t intend to kick the nicotine habit at all, and nicotine is never a healthy option, whatever way it is getting into you. The subculture that has been built up around vaping such as “Cloud Chasers” can also be seen to encourage vaping more often that one might have smoked tobacco, as a whole new level of socialising, and even competition, is involved. 

The correlation between vaping and improving ones health has as much to do with the vaper as the vape, will power is as important with vaping as with tobacco when trying to quit nicotine or working your way through smoking alternatives on route to stopping altogether.

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