Is Vaping Cheaper than Smoking?

Thursday, 28 April 2016  |  Admin

Is vaping cheaper than smoking? You've gone through all the pros and cons of switching from smoking to vaping and decided it seems like a good choice from a health standpoint. If so, you'd almost certainly be right! There's just one thing you're not sure of, and that's what the financial implications will be.

If you've read around then you'll find that lots of people are saying you'll save a lot of money by vaping. You've had a look at all those fancy kits and seen that they cost much more than the humble cigarette. What gives, then? Well, read on to find out whether vaping is actually cheaper (hint: it probably is). 

Initial Cost

Here's where many prospective vapers might get disheartened, or put off completely. Vaping obviously requires more equipment than cigarettes, and what with all the batteries, chargers, atomisers, e-juices and the vaporisers themselves, the cost does start to stack up initially. Therefore, it's understandable that the first month or two might be a bit more expensive, but since this is probably going to be a long-term investment a little more cost at first will see the cost go down greatly from then on. 

Long-Term Costs

After this initial spending, though, the number of things you have to pay for goes down significantly. Once you have a vaporiser, that portion of spending is out of the way, unless you want to modify it for purposes such as cloud chasing. The same goes for the batteries and chargers, and, while atomisers need to be replaced occasionally, they can last a few months and aren't very costly. 

Obviously individual spending will vary, based on how many cigarettes you used to smoke and how much e-liquid you get through, or whether you want to modify your equipment. However, some US studies have suggested that e-cigs cost 40 percent less on average than regular cigarettes. While this may differ slightly for UK users, it seems realistic that vapers will be able to save hundreds, if not one or two thousand pounds a year.

Vaping Vs Smoking Cost

Vaping Smoking
Larger initial cost Smaller initial cost
Vaporiser - one time cost Pack of cigarettes - constant expenditure
Charger is reusable New pack of cigarettes weekly/daily 
Atomiser has to be replaced every few weeks/months New lighters/matches regularly
Different mods can be added  
New 10ml e-juice weekly (based on 15-cig-a-day estimate )  
Battery is reusable  

Be Kind to Your Wallet

Convinced yet? As you can see, saying vaping is cheaper is a bit of a broad statement, but it should be largely true for the average smoker who switches to vaping. If you settle on a vaporiser and e-juice combo that suits you then the only thing you'll really need to keep paying for is more e-liquid and occasionally a new atomiser. If you're more of a hobbyist and just want to create weird and wonderful mods, then the cost could go up a bit but the regular vaper will be pleasantly surprised by the money left over at the end of the month. 

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