Is E-Liquid Vegetarian?

Thursday, 28 April 2016  |  Admin

Many health questions are asked about e-liquids and understandably so. Most of the answers consist of the very helpful phrase we don’t know. Vaping is relatively new so when it comes to any long term effects, there just hasn’t been enough time. It’s not all in the grey though: when the issue of whether e-liquids are vegetarian or not comes up, there is a much simpler answer: yes.

In fact, the majority of e-liquids are vegan. No part of an animal is involved in the process at all. Unless a bird lands on the roof of the factory during manufacture but that doesn’t count. Suppliers will be happy to put your mind at ease if necessary, but you can rest assured the majority e-liquids are vegetarian if not vegan.

No Animals Allowed

If e-liquids are vegetarian, what makes them?

  1. Flavouring: a lot of this comes from natural sources, especially the fruity flavours. But when it comes to flavours such as custard, it’s not actual custard being used. It is chemicals. The good news? No eggs. So it is not only vegetarian, but vegan as well. The bad news? Chemicals make it – enough said.
  2. VG: aka vegetable glycerine. Not chicken glycerine, not pig glycerine. Vegetable. The name gives this one away!
  3. PG:  an organic compound that is a by-product of petroleum. All natural; no animals. Another tick for vegetarians.
  4. Water: if you need me to explain this, well…
  5. Nicotine: back into shady ground when it comes to health, chemicals and addictions. It’s vegetarian if that counts?

What Can You Vape?

Anything you want. The whole lot is suitable for you. But if you are still worried (don’t be!) then selecting a brand that has a high VG level puts you on safe ground. You can even get ones that are 100% VG so are definitely suitable if you are vegetarian.

There are a number of weird and wacky flavours out there. But no matter how crazy they get (even if you’re going for a roast chicken flavoured e-liquid), all flavours either come from natural flavourings from plants, fruits and vegetables or are chemically based.

How Far Do You Go?

E-Liquids are vegetarian, true. But bear in mind there are chemical components in the development of e-juices and there is a chance these chemicals were tested on animals during their development. Where do you draw the line?

If you are worried about consuming animal-based products, then rest assured that e-juices do not fall into this category and if you have any doubt, just contact the manufacturer. The majority pride themselves on using locally sourced ingredients and will have no qualms about putting your mind at ease.

Hopefully reading this would have put your mind at ease. Being vegetarian doesn’t stop you from vaping what you want. For the most part, even being vegan doesn’t limit you!

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