How the Logic Pro E-Cigarette Works (and How to Refill Them)

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To give you a professional-level vape with none of the mess or fuss, the Logic Pro e-cigarette features a simple and satisfying design. Using a three-part design, the Logic Pro makes it incredibly easy for you to get a top-shelf vape every time.

The Parts of the Logic Pro

The Logic Pro e-cig is made from three parts – the battery, the e-liquid capsule and the capsule case. These parts easily fit together to make refilling and reusing the e-cig simple and quick.

How The Logic Pro E-Cigarette Works

The Logic Pro Battery

The battery supplied with the Logic Pro e-cigarette features a 650mAh capacity, making it great for all-day vaping. Easily recharged with a USB charger, the battery provides power to the e-cig and enables the liquid in the charger to be transformed into vapour.

The Capsule Case

The capsule case funnels vapour from the capsule into your mouth and protects it from damage, keeping the e-liquid within safe. What’s more, the case also features a window, enabling you to see how much liquid is left in the capsule so you can avoid the dreaded dry hits.

The E-Liquid Capsules

Filled with e-liquid, the capsules provide high quality flavour and nicotine. The Logic Pro capsules employ a no-spill design to keep things clean and mess-free, and each capsule includes an atomiser built-in. The atomiser is the part of the e-cigarette that transforms e-liquid into vapour, meaning that whenever you refill the Logic Pro, you’re also replacing the atomiser for a quality vape every time. 

How To Refill The Logic Pro E-Cigarette

How the Logic Pro Batteries and Capsules Work Together

Once the capsule is in the capsule case and connected to the battery, the two work together to give you the vapour you want. The battery detects when you press the activation button it and sends power to the capsule to activate the atomiser inside. This transforms the e-liquid inside the capsule into vapour, which is inhaled to provide you with nicotine in a similar manner to a cigarette but without any additional toxins such as tar.

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