How Many Calories Are in E-Juice?

Friday, 22 April 2016  |  Admin

Are your trusty e-cigs making you fat? You’ve dropped tobacco and how does the world repay you? By making you gain weight!

It may be very easy to blame your new Glazed Donut E-juice on your weight gain (you knew it tasted too good to be true!) but that would be both ridiculous (everyone knows donuts are made of pure joy and can be blamed for nothing) and also incorrect.

No Smoking = More Eating

While no (sane) doctor would advise that you start smoking in an effort to lose weight, it has been medically proven that cigarettes are appetite suppressants, once you drop them, your appetitive will begin to return. So, while your weight gain seems to tie directly to your e-cig use, it’s actually more to do with your tobacco days drawing to an end.

  • Appetite growth is a natural response when you stop smoking 
  • Your taste buds repair themselves from the damage smoking caused, making food taste better and making the most of your new appetite
  • Water retention can make you gain weight and is a common result of moving away from tobacco
  • Nicotine naturally boosts your metabolism, so lowering or removing your intake will temporarily effect the way you digest food
  • Vaping smells really good, and according to some vapers this is enough to send them on the search for food

Hey, Sugar

Alright so we’ve ruled out that vaping probably isn’t making you gain weight – in the same way stiffing at a pizza isn’t going to go straight to your hips – you may like to know that there are calories in both PG and VG, approximately 4 calories per gram, provided you eat them. Don't eat you e-juices, please.

Vaping has not been shown to have any effect on blood sugar levels and is safe even for type 2 diabetics to enjoy, even if you were gaining weight from vaping, it would be so marginal that a brisk walk or short jog – which you should be doing anyway as part of your new, health lifestyle! – would soon burn them off.

Nothing to Sniff At

Many vapers dread the day that dieters will get a hold of their secret – the taste of cupcakes, donuts, cookies or chocolate without the calories?! Satisfy a sweet tooth and a nicotine craving all in one, with the added bonus of better health!

So fear not if you’ve noticed you’re jeans are feeling a little tighter, a change in weight is completely normal for those coming off tobacco, and if it’s making you feel down, why not cheer yourself up with a brand new vaping flavour!