Five Pawns: Checkmate, Tobacco

Monday, 25 April 2016  |  Admin

Five Pawns, no, not the plan of a lonely Friday night in (not that we’re judging, fill your boots), a glorious premium e-juice brand all the way from California that leaves tobacco in the dust!   

Not all vape juices are created equal, and Five Pawn was created a little more superior than others. Glorious blends of complex flavour include e-juices aged in whiskey barrels and finished with a touch of tobacco, if you thought you knew flavour, you ain’t vaped nothing yet!

Vape Couture

Flavours come and go, style is forever, darling, and Five Pawn are just overflowing with it (have you seen that bottle calligraphy?), everything is made by hand, in small batches to ensure quality. The result? A layered, indulgent taste sensation that will make you wonder how you ever settled for anything less.

Five Pawns E-Liquid

Five Flavours

Five Pawn was named not only after their pretty little bottles looking like chess pieces, but after the five flavours that the human tongue can taste:

  • Sweet
  • Bitter
  • Sour
  • Salty
  • Umami (a magical taste that gives savoury flavours their “meatiness”)

Whichever part of your tongue you’re looking to tickle, Five Pawns has an e-liquid for you, to guarantee not just flavour, but a whole new vaping experience. Surely Tobacco is a distant memory now your Five Pawns' future is looking so flavourful. Only true vaping connoisseurs need apply.

Accept No Compromise

Hand made in batches of approximately 500, Five Pawns come exclusively in 30ml bottles and feature only locally sourced flavours and ingredients. Five Pawns founder and master mixer, Rodney Jerabek, signs off each batch, so you know every bottle of Five Pawns e-liquid you meet has first met his exacting standards. The first company to implement placing a batch, lot and bottle number on its packaging, every step of your e-juice’s production is carefully monitored so that your final product is never less than a perfect piece of true vaping craftsmanship.

Like Fine Wine

Whiskey and wine are given the time they need to age to take their palette-pleasing flavours to the next level, so why not your vapour liquid?

Castle Long Reserve turned vaping on its head by being the first oak barrel-aged vaping liquid in the world. And the world puffed it up – the first batch of 25 barrels sold out within a week! So aren’t you lucky Vape Mountain has managed to secure a batch just for you to enjoy this piece of vaping history?

Not for Whiskey? How about Irish cream? A sip of champagne? Perhaps coffee and tobacco? Whatever fine tastes you're craving, Five Pawn is sure to have something to satisfy even the most discerning palette, with a multi-layered taste experience that makes these e-juices like no other.

Five Pawns is premium in name and premium in nature, whether you’re a cloud chaser, an ex-smoker or just a lover of the finer things in life, Five Pawn deliver on quality, sophistication, and flavour five times over!