Fill Your Boots with Nicolites Refill Cartridges Combo Packs

Friday, 17 June 2016  |  Admin

The vaping world is curious, vast and ever-developing. Forget a Vape Mountain – consider a vape planet, a misty orb floating in the galaxy inhabited with an alien species called cloud-chasers. They spend their days on their cloudy, gaseous environment, fiddling with vape mods and seeking weird and wonderful new flavours. It’s a fascinating world, but not necessarily one for everyone. If you vape as an alternative to smoking, for instance, looking to simulate the feeling whilst curbing nicotine cravings, you may be after something a bit more simple.

The Nicolites range of electronic cigarettes are the size and shape of regular cigarettes and come in standard tobacco, menthol and cherry flavours. With zero nicotine content, the Nicolites range makes a great choice for ex-smokers and those trying to cut down. This range is perfect for those who want to forget the fuss, forget the flavours, and just enjoy down-to-earth, straightforward puffing.

Nicolites E-Cigarettes

Save Time and Money with the Nicolites Cartomiser Combo Packs!

At Vape Mountain we’re able to offer some brilliant combo packs designed to save zero strength Nicolites users both time and money. Like with any e-cig, if you own a Nicolites Rechargeable E-Cigarette or one of the great starter packs, at some point you’ll have to purchase refill cartridges when the originals run out.

These come as a box of three refill cartridges, in the following choices:

If you’re a regular vaper, stocking up is always a good idea, ensuring you always have a spare to hand and won’t be caught without juice. Our brilliant combo packs were created with this in mind, allowing you to purchase several boxes of cartomisers at once to save you the effort of having to keep re-buying – and saving you money too.

You’re still able to buy a single pack of cartomisers for £4.95, but combo packs are now also available in the following pack sizes (and with the following savings!):

  • 5 packs of 3 – working out at £4.75 per pack and saving £11 on RRP of Nicolites Refills
  • 10 packs of 3 – working out at £4.69 per pack and saving £22.51 on RRP of Nicolites Refills
  • 20 packs of 3 – working out at £4.65 per pack and saving £46.01 on RRP of Nicolites Refills
  • 40 packs of 3 – working out at £4.50 per pack and saving £98.01 on RRP of Nicolites Refills

And, just because we’re feeling generous, we’re also throwing in a battery offer with the Nicolites refill cartridges. With every 20 pack of Nicolites refills bought, you’ll also receive a free spare Nicolites battery. Similarly, with every 40 pack of Nicolites refills bought, you’ll receive two free batteries!

Having a spare battery to hand is always useful, particularly if you vape away from home. We thought that whilst you’re ensuring you don’t run out of juice, it makes sense to ensure you won’t run out of power either!

So go on, fill your boots with our great Nicolites refills offer – all that’s left is for you to pick your flavour!