Dangers of Vapour Cigarettes

Tuesday, 26 April 2016  |  Admin

Warning: Vaping might draw envious glares from bystanders, and endless flavour possibilities may clear out your wallet. Any other dangers you ought to know about?

Danger, Danger, High Vapour

Lies! The “smoke” or vapour of your vape pen is totally harmless to people around you, which is why you can happily vape away while watching Coronation Street with your mum, see? Vaping, bringing families together!

Harmless as the vapour is, not blowing clouds into people’s faces is just good manners, so learning about your PG/VG blends and how you can control your clouds can help you find the perfect balance.

What Makes a Vape?

If you’re worried that there is surely an endless list of chemicals that go into your e-juices and surely make them dangerous, think again, your e-liquids combine the following 5 simple ingredients.

  1. Propylene glycol
  2. Vegetable glycerine
  3. Distilled water
  4. (Optional) Nicotine
  5. Flavourings

Apart from nicotine, the ingredients in your e-liquids and e-juices are generally harmless, and with 100% organic juices available, there are no “hidden dangers” either, in fact there are probably more concealed threats in your take away or fancy coffee!

You may have heard about Diacetyl and popcorn lung risks surrounding e-cigarettes, and as our dedicated blog points out, these claims remain unproven, of course if you are worried about these rumours that Diacetyl in your e-liquids will cause damage over time, then opt for one of our Diacetyl-free options instead, easy!

Is My Vape Pen Going To Harm Me?

Who knows? Maybe it will blow up in your face after charging it on a cheap charger, maybe it will stab you in the cheek one day. Maybe your car will reverse over your mate’s foot, maybe you laptop will burst into flames. There are a thousand things in the world that have the potential to harm you, but that mentality hasn’t stopped people from smoking, drinking or jumping out of airplanes.

No one is able to prove the long term effects of vaping as it just hasn’t been around for long enough, but so far no one has died of taking a puff of an e-cigarette, and millions more have successfully moved on from tobacco thanks to these nifty little devices.

So, while we can’t say vaping is 100% healthy and safe, we can say with its 4 simple ingredients and millions of happy followers that it’s probably healthier than smoking. If you’re letting a fear of danger stop you from enjoying life then maybe you need more help than Vape Mountain can give!