Can You Drink E-Liquid?

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Yes. But only once.

Because after that you will have successfully put yourself off trying again for life. Or have actually died (unlikely but possible!).

Nicotine Can and Will Kill You

You’re sure to know by now that nicotine is not your body’s best friend. While vaping it is safer than smoking it with a concoction of other toxins as you do in cigarettes, digesting it is not a good idea. Step away from the bottle, man, it’s not worth it.

It’s relatively unlikely that you’ll drop dead if you do lose a bet, or just the will to heed our warnings, and drink your e-liquids, but there is a chance that you might (and we reckon this is the part you ought to focus on), because nicotine is fatal to humans.  Drinking it in one shot makes it a whole lot more likely to do some serious damage than smoking or vaping - even if it doesn’t see you kick the bucket, it will see you hugging the toilet for a couple days, do you really want to do that to yourself?

You should also remember that nicotine is measured by millilitre, so while that bottle of 100% VG 0mg nicotine juice might have just given you a drippy tummy, that 30ml bottle of 25mg would contain 750mg of nicotine, enough to thoroughly wreck your long-term plans.

My Vaping Liquids Can Kill Me?!

Well yes, but then so could your cigarettes and you knew that all along. Nicotine metabolises very quickly, meaning if you were to smoke or vape a fatal amount, the period of time it would take you from cigarette/e-cig number 1 to the approximated 60 you would need, would also be more than enough for the first dose of nicotine to have left your system. Even if you did croak, by the time you were ready for autopsy, the nicotine in your body would have broken down to such a degree that the fatal dose would be impossible to gauge (the perfect crime?).

However, if you’re drinking your e-fluids (which we repeat is NOT a good idea for you, your dreams of a long life, or your bowels) then you’re dumping high levels of nicotine into your body all in one go, which gives the reaper a head start over your metabolism if he did decide to come for you today.

Not Animals Or Children

The fully grown adult might survive a round with a bottle of e-juices (although a mix of e-juice and cider has been used as a suicide method before now), but the same can’t be said for children. Fatal cases of toddlers getting hold of their parents’ e-liquids have sadly been reported, so your e-juices should always be kept out of reach of children and also pets.

But Why?

Why would you even want to drink your e-juices, people? Even if the stuff doesn’t kill you, you’ll be spending your days close to a toilet, your nights lying wide awake, and any time in between with the mother of all headaches. How about you just put this madness out of your mind and try vaping your e-juices like a normal person?

Darren Tomlinson
Saturday, 27 May 2017  |  21:43

I watched some homeless guy drinking it in manchester city centre it just made me think what harm it was doing to his body