Can E-Cigs Cause Lung Cancer?

Monday, 25 April 2016  |  Admin

Red meat, alcohol, baked beans...even vegetarian diets? It seems like nothing is safe to enjoy these days, but is your trusty vaporiser among them?

We’re serious about the vegetarian diet apparently triggering cancer, which kind of proves our point: no reliable study has been made into the effects of e-cigarettes. ‘What counts as reliable?’, we hear you ask, well, one that has more than a decade of study to back it up, and some proper evidence (I mean you don’t believe carrots cause cancer, do you?).

Short Term, Long Term

E-cigarettes were invented about 10 years ago, and have only begun to enjoy widespread adoption in the last few years. In such a short space of time it’s impossible to know what the long-term effects of vaping actually are. But you may be pleased to know that no one has suffered from a fatal vape so far.

There have been many, many claims made both for and against e-cigarettes. Some optimistically say that vaping is no more dangerous than breathing regular air, some pessimistically claim that vaping is equal or worse than traditional cigarettes and others still believe that vaporisers open a whole new world of human disease and suffering previously unknown to science. It’s all very dramatic, which is about all it can afford to be, because like we said, there is no evidence either to support or condemn vaping with absolute authority.

Ingredients of Vaping

There are 5, to be exact, and 4 of them are perfectly safe for human consumption:

  • Vegetable glycerine
  • Propylene glycol
  • Nicotine
  • Distilled water
  • Flavourings

We’re not saying that this is proof that vaping has no potential to do you harm, but we are saying that cigarettes’ 200+ toxins has a far higher likelihood of damaging your health.

Vape Away

Considering just about everything is out to get you according to one study or another, your decision to start vaping is entirely down to you. It takes far less than 10 years to see that tobacco and cigarettes are doing no-one any favours, so if we cared to throw our own hat into the “backed up by vague evidence” study ring, then we say 10 years with no one croaking from vape-induced cancer is a pretty good sign.

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