Brilliant Bundles for Father's Day

Friday, 27 May 2016  |  Admin

Father's Day is round the corner – probably the annual celebration for which it is hardest to buy gifts. What on earth do you get the man who has tons of ties, shed-loads of socks and a million mugs? There's likely dads all over the country drinking from the same novelty printed father's day mugs, year after year - I mean, how many times can one man be told he's "the best dad ever"?!

This year it's time to do something different. We're sure a lot of you don't even bother with Father's Day gifts anymore; you might just give them a phone call or a card, or maybe a beer or bacon sandwich if they're lucky.

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But if your dad vapes, or if he is a smoker or trying to cut down, we reckon we've got just the thing for him. And, unlike the Homer Simpson printed socks shoved in the back of the drawer or the mug that's now tea-stained and faded, these are gifts that truly keep on giving.

Practical But Fun

Father’s Day is Sunday 19th June, so stick that in your calendar now before you forget! At Vape Mountain, we've bundled together some vaping starter kits which make perfect gifts.

If your dad already vapes then why not treat him to a shiny new device? Our kits come complete with a vaporiser and several refills, so he'll be stocked up and ready to vape for the foreseeable future. Take the E-Lites Logic Pro Saver Packs: these include the sleek E-Lites Pro vaporiser, along with eighteen refill capsules in a choice of tobacco, menthol or cherry flavour, so he won't have to worry about buying refills for a while.

This makes a gift which is both practical and exciting, a balance that's hard to achieve with presents these days! And, at £32.99, these E-Lites Saver Packs are affordable, so you don't have to loosen your purse strings too much for your pa (even if he is "the best dad ever"!).

Big Boy's Toys

If he's more of an experienced vaper, or if he's had his fun with cigalikes and vape pens and you think he might want to try something a bit more advanced, we also have some fantastic mod starter kits. These are pricier, but if you feel like treating your old man this year we're sure he won't be disappointed. The kit comes with a KangerTech Box Mod and five bottles of e-liquid in a choice of exciting flavours, including Sub Ohm’s Fizzy Kush, which tastes like fizzy cola bottle sweets! This vape mod is high tech, powerful and customisable - truly a big boy's toy!

A Gift for the Whole Family

If your dad doesn’t vape but is a smoker trying to quit, our vaping starter kits may also be the perfect present. Maybe you've watched your dad battle with nicotine patches or gum, or periods of going cold turkey only to soon return to cigarettes.

Vaping is a popular activity with smokers trying to cut down. Vaping simulates the experience of smoking for the user to help fill the absence of cigarettes, and e-liquid can contain nicotine to combat cravings. However, as the user inhales heated liquid vapour rather than burning tobacco smoke, vaping doesn't have the same health risks as traditional cigarettes. There's no combustion involved and no smoke is inhaled, which means no carbon dioxide, tar or other carcinogenic chemicals transferred to the user.

Your dad might know nothing about vaping, or maybe he's curious about it but wouldn't know where to begin. Why not help him out by gifting him with one of our kits to get started? If he likes it, you could potentially be helping wean your dad off cigarettes and encourage him towards a life free of smoke and nicotine. In that sense, this could be a gift for the whole family!

Check out the vaping starter kits available on Vape Mountain now!