Benefits of E-Cigarettes

Friday, 22 April 2016  |  Admin

Well, not being a slave of tobacco has to be a pretty big one, right? How about saving money? Not poisoning those around you? We’ll keep going, we could do this all day.


Da-da-da we have a winner! Ask any ex-smoker-turned-vaper and they’ll say they did it because they wanted to keep their teeth white, their nails pink, their lungs not-black, or whatever other gross health risk that comes from tobacco. People smoke for the nicotine hit, but it’s all that extra toxic stuff that tars up your lungs and, you know, kills you. If only you could have your nicotine without sucking in tar... oh wait, you can! And in case you weren't fully aware of just how much better e-cigs are than their tobacco-filled cousins, we’ve compiled a handy table to prove it!

Cigarettes E-Cigarettes
Over 4000 separate chemicals Only 4 - 5 ingredients
Produce tar, smoke and ash No tobacco, tar, ash or smoke
Proven to cause cancer and heart disease No evidence of detrimental effects on health
Discolour teeth and nails A healthier smoking choice
Cause breathlessness No negative impact on physical abilities


While mad enthusiasts and crazy inventors on the cloud chasing side of things are probably splashing more cash than the regular vaper, provided you’re happy with your standard vape pen you’ll be in the money in no time.

A regular pack of cigarettes can cost you upwards of £9 and be gone in as many hours, vaping starter kits start at this mark and end somewhere around £40, so if you’re a pack-a-day smoker, that’s about 5 day’s cigarettes for the cost of a device that’s going to last you a lot longer (and a good thing too because you’re going to last a lot longer once you put those cigarettes down!). Combine this with e-juices that start from as little as £4, depending on your tastes (though everyone deserves to get fancy every now and again) and you’re looking at a far more cost effective way to get your nicotine hit. Not to mention the rosy future your health and your every flavour preference catered for, when’s the last time your cigarette tasted like peanut butter?

Pleasure Displacement

One of the reasons vaping has over taken gum and patches as the best tobacco alternative is because it lets you keep everything you associated with smoking – the ritual of preparing your smoke and then enjoying it – but gets rid of all the bad stuff like increased risk of cancer and heart disease. Many ex-smokers have found that, even though they started vaping fully intending to not say goodbye to nicotine, they eventually found more pleasure in vaping itself than getting their fix, and successfully moved to low-level or 0% nicotine juices. So don’t dismiss vaping just because you love smoking too much, you might end up loving your trusty, tasty vape pen even more!


No clinging smell, no harmful smoke, no smelly breath, no need to be pushed out into the garden to enjoy your vape break, your friends will love your e-cig almost as much as you do! (But if they're still pushing you into the garden then, I dunno, maybe it was something you said?)

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