Affordable Vaping With 88Vape

Friday, 30 September 2016

If you’re looking for affordability in vaping, 88Vape is the brand for you. Their prices are consistently the lowest of any brand we have at Vape Mountain. Don’t be alarmed by this! While their products are naturally not quite as advanced as those of the most expensive brands on the site, every single item in the 88Vape range has been made to a high quality, using some of the best materials available. All their e-liquids, for example, are made using 100% natural and organic ingredients – something that can’t be said for every brand.

If you’re just starting out on your vape journey, 88Vape could be a great first port of call. Not only are their products extremely affordable, they have great entry-level versions of just about everything you need to make a start in the vaping world. 

Vape Kits and Accessories

88Vape have a full suite of vaping equipment and accessories that provide unrivalled value for money. The key product in this line is probably the 88Vape Vaporiser Starter Kit, a 3-in-1 kit with a clearomiser, rechargeable battery and a USB charger. Simply add an e-liquid and you’re ready to start vaping! You’ll be hard pressed to find a vaping starter kit at a better price anywhere. 

Equally, for those who aren’t complete novitiates to the scene, and who are at that awkward stage between standard vaping and moving on to the world of mods, 88Vape has a great 50w Mod Starter Kit available. Again, it’s not likely you’ll find a more affordable vape mod kit on the market, and this is good for a number of reasons. As well as sparing your bank account (and leaving you more money for buying e-liquids), it’s an intelligent purchase at this stage in your vaping journey. 

Some people will purchase expensive mod kits only to ultimately decide that the massive vape clouds involved in modding just aren’t for them. On the other hand, people who go on to love modding may remember the 88Vape Mod Starter Kit as a great stepping stone on their way to a more expensive machine. By no means allow this to imply that the 88 Vape Mod Starter Kit is necessarily a short-term purchase – it’s a great mod kit which is built to last.

E-liquids and Mod Liquids

Again, 88Vape have got all the major bases covered with a diverse range of e-liquids at incredible prices.  This includes flavours under the categories Tobacco, Menthol, Fruit, Drinks and Confectioneries – pretty much all the major categories of e-liquids you’ll find anywhere. We recommend the delicious Crisp Apple fruit e-liquid as a place to start. If you’ve started modding, they also have a line of more advanced mod liquids which have multi-layered flavours and high VG content (this means bigger clouds).


Not many know that 88 is regarded by the Chinese to be an extremely lucky number. However, with 88Vape, luck is only part of the picture - it's just as much about high-quality, reliable vaping products at extremely reasonable prices. We're often hearing the words "the harder you work, the luckier you get", and if you're happy to take that as a cryptic advertisement for 88Vape, we certainly are.