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Ploom X

The Ploom X is a state-of-the-art heated tobacco device that uses refined heating technology to create authentic taste and sensation. Delivering the same tobacco taste satisfaction but without the smoke or tar, the Ploom X is perfect for those looking to transition away from traditional cigarettes. The Ploom X also comes with nine possible EVO tobacco stick flavours to accommodate all types of vaper.

Ploom X Devices and Starter Kits

Our range of Ploom X Devices and Starter Kits has everything you need to get started with Ploom X heated tobacco devices. Whether you're just looking for the device itself, or a starter kit that comes ready with two EVO Tobacco Stick packs, this page is the best place to start with Ploom X. 

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EVO Tobacco Sticks

Designed specifically for the Ploom X Heated Tobacco Device, the EVO Tobacco Sticks deliver great-tasting tobacco satisfaction. Available in a great range of authentic flavours, simply slot the stick into your Ploom X device and you're ready to go! Each pack contains 20 tobacco sticks, which contain tobacco leaves that are heated instead of burnt to reduce the amount of chemicals inhaled.

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