Nicolites Refill Cartridges High Strength Tobacco Cartomisers

  • Refill cartomisers for Nicolites Rechargeable Electronic Cigarettes
  • Tobacco flavoured cartridges with high nicotine strength
  • Option of buying multiple boxes in combo packs
  • Nicocig is discontinued. Please see our recommended alternative
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Brand:  Nicolites
Flavour:  Tobacco
Strength:  16mg
Refill Type:  Cartridge
Compatible With:  Nicolites Rechargeable E-Cigs

Nicocig Is Discontinued

Unfortunately, Nicocig has been discontinued by Philip Morris International, the manufactuer of the range. The good news is that here at Vape Mountain, our e-cig experts have searched high and low to bring you the closest possible alternative: OK Vape.

Featuring a similar strength and flavour, please visit the below product for our recommended alternative.

OK Vape Tobacco High Nicotine E-Cigarette Refills (18mg)

OK Vape Tobacco High Nicotine E-Cigarette Refills (18mg)

OK Vape Tobacco High Nicotine E-Cigarette Refills (18mg)

  • Tobacco-flavoured electronic cigarette refill
  • Suitable for the OK Vape Rechargeable E-Cigarette
  • High nicotine strength of 18mg
  • Each pack contains 5 refills, with bulk offers available
  • FREE OK Vape Starter Kit Offer: Enter switch2ok at checkout

Nicolites Refill Cartridges High Strength Tobacco Cartomisers

Please note, Nicolites Refill Cartridges High Strength Tobacco Cartomisers have now been replaced by Nicocig Refill Cartridges High Strength Tobacco Cartomisers. Therefore, if you place an order for Nicolites Refill Cartridges High Strength Tobacco Cartomisers, we will dispatch Nicocig Refill Cartridges High Strength Tobacco Cartomisers in their place.

To learn more about the change from Nicolites to Nicocig, please visit our information page: Nicolites Are Changing Their Name to Nicocig.

The Nicolites Refill Cartridges High Strength Tobacco Cartomisers are compatible with Nicolites Rechargeable Electronic Cigarettes, allowing for easy refilling of your device when your original cartridge has run out. Available in combo packs with the option of buying multiple boxes at once, these cartomisers make a great choice for any Nicolites vaper who requires regular refills. 

These particular Nicolites Refill Cartomisers have a high nicotine strength of 16mg and are tobacco flavoured, for a classic, earthy vaping experience.

Every box of Nicolites Tobacco Cartridges contains three cartomisers that will each last the equivalent of up to twenty cigarettes. Each box therefore equates to approximately sixty traditional cigarettes, making these refill cartridges a cost effective alternative to smoking. 

Free Battery or Cartridge Offer

When you buy a pack of 20 boxes of Nicolites Refills (with 3 cartridges per box), you will also receive a free cartridge or battery. Similarly, with every purchase of 40 boxes of Nicolites Refills, you'll receive two free cartridges or batteries. That way, you can ensure both your cartridges and your power supply are topped up and ready to perform.

Nicotine Strengths of the Nicolites Refill Cartridges 

The Nicolites Refill Cartridges are available in the following nicotine strengths:

  • High (16mg)
  • Medium (11mg)
  • Low (6mg)
  • Zero (0mg) 

This product falls under the high strength category of 16mg.

Combo Packs of the Nicolites Refill Cartridges High Strength Tobacco Cartomisers

This product is available to purchase in the following quantities:

Combo Packs Refill Cartridges
1 Box 3 Refill Cartridges
5 Boxes 15 Refill Cartridges
10 Boxes 30 Refill Cartridges
20 Boxes 60 Refill Cartridges
40 Boxes

120 Refill Cartridges

Benefits of the Nicolites Electronic Cigarette Range

The Nicolites Electronic Cigarette range has a number of benefits which make switching from traditional cigarettes an increasingly popular choice:

  • More socially acceptable - no unpleasant smoke odour or "smokers' breath" and no smoky residue accumulating on walls, furnishings, hair or skin.
  • More aesthetically appealing - No stained fingers and teeth as associated with heavy smokers.
  • Money saving - electronic cigarettes can be as much as 75% cheaper than buying regular cigarettes. Once you acquire a Nicolites starter kit, you only need to buy affordable replacement nicotine “cartomisers,” also known as cartridges or refills. A single cartomiser is equivalent to about 20 conventional tobacco cigarettes but costs much less.
  • No tobacco - among the 4000 known harmful chemicals, toxins and substances contained in tobacco smoke, at least 25 are carcinogenic (cancer-causing). The tar in tobacco smoke accumulates in the lungs as a sticky, brownish-yellow deposit that is a leading cause debilitating pulmonary diseases like emphysema. Electronic cigarettes do not contain tobacco.
  • Current electronic cigarette technology - the Nicolites E-Cigarette is a two-piece product. While other e-cigarettes may have separate atomisers (heating devices), Nicolites do not, so users will not have to continually invest in these.

Please note that the Nicolites Refill High Strength Tobacco Cartomisers are only compatible with Nicolites Rechargeable Electronic Cigarettes, and will not fit the Nicolites disposable model.

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Nicolites High strength worked for me
Thursday, 3 September 2020  | 

Gave up smoking overnight 10 years ago after 25 years (roll-ups tobacco) nothing else worked. The taste is just right (I tried many other brands before that tasted Too chemical) most importantly I feel really well on it and no sore throat. 4 stars due to a few defective cartridges but still best value for money on the market ( I did not want to go for Liquid formulae as health risks seem greater to me)

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excellent service
Friday, 24 April 2020  | 

Very good prices

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This review has not been appraised.

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