Where Can I Buy a Vape?

Tuesday, 26 April 2016  |  Admin

Look up there, up there - you see that Vape Mountain logo? Click on it. And that’s where you can buy a vape!

Vape-solutely Fabulous

E-liquids, vape pens, spare parts, whatever you need, we got it!

First things first, get your hand on a Starter Kit. Whether you’re a newbie vaper or a seasoned user, we’re sure to have a model for you. Need a spare battery to make sure you new vape never runs out of power? Right here! And of course you can’t risk your precious new toy from getting damaged now, can you? Pick up a carry case here!

Now, my friends, we are ready for the exciting part: tantalising your tastebuds with our e-juices!

It’s Written In The Stars

If you’re really not sure about what flavour you’re looking for, why not leave it up to fate? Twelve Vapor matches high quality flavour to your zodiac sign, so you may very well be Libra with Scorpio rising and prone to indecisiveness, but did you also know you taste like pie crust? The stars don’t lie.

French Fancy

We cater to every taste here, including the those who prefer the simple pleasures in life. Iceliqs, developed in Blighty and made in France deliver delicious, familiar flavours for a pocket-friendly price. Choose from mint, tobacco, cherry, banana or any of their dozens of simply fabulous flavours, or get your urban taste buds going with their London Underground-inspired line, for a vaping experience that lets you, and your wallet, relax!

We Eat Vapes for Breakfast!

Find yourself craving a vape first thing in the morning? We’ve for just the thing for you! Breakfast Club have just what you need to rise and shine and be ready for the day whether it’s some fruity loops or traditional flakes. You don’t have to be in the club to enjoy breakfast, though - Kilo, Cosmic Fog, Binary and Charlie’s Chalk Dust all have their own take on the most important meal of the day!

Cereals-ly fun flavours for breakfast food all day long, whoever said bowls of cold cereal were depressing never tried vaping them!

At Your Disposal

If reloading and maintaining a vape pen just isn’t your style, try a throw-away version! We have e-cigarettes for a tobacco-like flavour, e-shisha for fruity fun and even e-cigars for a touch of class, and all of them can just be thrown away when you’re done, all the benefits, none of the fuss!

Vape Classy

We’ve covered fun, we’ve covered simple, we’ve covered throw-away, now how about when you feel like being classy? Some days, you’re regular vaping flavours just won’t do, when your inner connoisseur demands to be contented, and Five Pawns are here to do just that.

Aged in whiskey barrelstwice – or the taste of Irish Cream or, for when you’re in a truly celebratory mood, champagne! Five Pawns are a touch of class for your e-juice collection, with liquids that aren’t just made, but crafted to be something uniquely special for your e-pen and your palette!

Ready to get started on your vaping adventure? Visit our online store today!