What is Vaping Liquid?

Friday, 15 April 2016  |  Admin

It’s anything you want it to be! From fruit to spice to uh...penguin, vaping liquids not only cover just about every flavour under the sun – and Vape Mountain are happy to stock a whole lot of them – they’re also mixable so you can make your own signature blend (penguin and peanut butter, anyone?). 

Vaping fluid, e-cigarette liquid, e-juice, e-liquid, vape juice, there are almost as many names for the tasty, liquid part of your vaping device as there are flavours available, but they are all essentially the same thing, and are made up of a surprisingly tiny amount of ingredients.

Flavoursome Fluids

Forget cigarettes and their long list of over 200 toxins, vaping fluid requires just five basic ingredients to give you a much tastier, far healthier smoke:

  1. Vegetable Glycerine (VG) is a 100% natural ingredient made from, surprise, surprise, vegetables. Totally harmless, sweet to the taste, and used in a huge range of foods and cosmetics and serves as a base for your e-cigarette. 
  2. Propylene Glycol (PG) is an organic compound  and a popular alternative to VG. Commonly seen in fog machines, PG produces smaller, thinner amounts of vapour. 
  3. Nicotine, the well-known cigarette ingredient is also present in vaping liquid, but only if you want it to be. E-juice can be made using high levels of nicotine to suit those more accustomed to strong smokes, made with absolutely no nicotine at all, or somewhere in between, so you’re sure to find a level that suits you.
  4. Flavouring is where the magic happens! Food-grade flavourings are used in e-cigarettes to give a strong, realistic taste whether you’re craving caramel, strawberry, or a flightless bird.
  5. Distilled Water is used to dilute the liquid to give a smoother viscosity and make for better vapour.

PG or Not PG?

You’ll be forgiven for not knowing if you’re for VG or PG, and in many cases you may not even have to decide as a large number of e-liquid manufacturers like to blend the two for the perfectly balanced vapour, but knowledge is power, so here are the facts to strengthen you up:

100% Natural Organic compound
Responsible for lovely big clouds! Creates less vapour
Requires more dilution than PG Thinner than VG
Naturally sweet flavour Flavourless/ odourless
Smooth "throat hit" Strong "throat hit"
  Can cause allergic reactions

PG is especially favoured by those who enjoy higher levels of nicotine in their liquids as it provides a stronger “throat hit” not unlike a cigarette, while VG is the better choice if you like creating some serious clouds. PG is also favoured by those who want a purer flavour from their liquids, as the naturally sweet taste of VG may affect your taste of choice. Adverse reactions to PG include irritation on the throat and/or nostrils, but don’t need to spell the end of your vaping days, 100% VG solutions are just as wide in range and availability.

Loading Your Liquids

For pre-loaded e-cigarettes you don’t need to worry about a thing, your flavoured liquid will be sealed in the cartridge, ready to go right out of the packet. For those of you who prefer buying liquids separately, enjoy the feeling of being a mad scientist because these little dropper bottles hold the key to flavour! 

Vapouriser models vary but all of them feature a tank, easily identified as it is usually clear to show your liquid’s level. It’s simply a matter of unscrewing the tank, loading it up with your liquid drip by precious drip and screwing it back on. Do NOT clean off spillage with water or over-fill your tank and you're good to go!

Liquid Spirit

Wherever your tastes run to, we're sure there's an e-liquid to suit you perfectly, check out our range and check outta here with a whole new world of flavour to explore!