What Does Vape Mean?

Tuesday, 19 April 2016  |  Admin

To vape, or not to vape? That is the question. Well, a question. To be able to answer it, it's best to first know what vaping itself is. You may have seen all the cool kids puffing on these strange contraptions, blowing clouds into your face, and are just confused by the whole thing. If you're a complete rookie in the world of vaping and you want to make it to the big leagues, then you've come to the right place. 

Vape - the Device

If someone is talking to you about their sick new 'vape', then they are in fact referring to their personal vaporiser, or e-cigarette. Vape e-cig, vape pen, apv, mod, these are just some of the terms that have come to refer to these devices. Vapes can range from small, compact 'cigalikes' that resemble regular cigarettes in size and appearance, to the more powerful and technical-looking mods, but essentially they all do the same thing; heat up liquid to create vapour.

How a Vape Works

Vaporisers are made of three main elements; a battery, an atomiser and an inhaler. More complex models exist, but you're still on your training wheels so we won't go into that now.

  • Battery - the 'e' in e-cigs. The battery powers the atomiser, allowing it to heat the liquid
  • Atomiser - the atomiser heats up your e-liquid of choice to create the vapour
  • Inhaler - the mouthpiece to the device

Vape - the Process

The word vape can also be a verb, referring to the act of vaping. It can essentially be defined as the act of inhaling water vapour through a personal vaporiser. Vaping differs from smoking in several ways; for one, smoke is created when something is combusted (burned) and destroyed by the high temperature of the fire. With regards to smoking regular cigarettes, this can come with a range of unpleasant by-products such as tar, carbon monoxide and ammonia, none of which sound particularly attractive.

When you vape, however, you're not burning the liquid, you're just heating it until it turns into vapour. This means there aren't any nasty by-products, and also absent is the unpleasant smell which can stick to your clothes. 

What Does Vape Mean...for the Future?

If you were asking this as more of a philosophical question, then vaping is still somewhat of an unknown quantity, but one that is rapidly growing in popularity. With all the perceived benefits compared to regular cigarettes, we could be staring at a future in which vaping becomes the norm and cigarettes are outdated. Vaping is still a young industry though, and as such we don't know all there is to know about the effects on the body. Therefore it's impossible to make definitive claims about vaping health-wise, but the evidence so far is largely positive.

With all the advances happening on an almost daily basis, vaping is going from strength to strength. Even if you decide to steer clear of vapes, at least you'll know what your mate is talking about when he whips out his fancy robotic wand, and if you do decide to swing the vaping way then we've got you covered! Shop the whole range of vaping gear here at Vape Mountain!