Vaporiser Maintenance 101

Friday, 29 April 2016  |  Admin

Well, you've found your way to Vape Mountain. That's good news for you if you're looking for some information on vaporiser maintenance. Vaping technology is still pretty new, so many people aren't too knowledgeable about how to care for their equipment. As such, if your vape starts acting up you might just write it off and buy a new one.

While that might be a good thing for us as a retailer, we're not that unscrupulous (look at all our scruples!) and, since we have a passion for vaping and vaping enthusiasts, we want to help people get the most out of their equipment and ensure that you're not shelling out unnecessarily. Here are some of the ways of looking after your gear.

Vaporiser Maintenance


The humble battery is what powers your device, so it's best to make sure you're getting the most out of it. Here are a few tips:

  • Make sure to not let the battery die completely before the first charge
  • At least once a week, clean out the head of the battery of any juice that may have leaked 
  • If your battery keeps blinking, it will need to be recharged


The tank/clearomiser is an important part of your vaporiser and needs to be properly cared for. If you're using a tank style vaporiser here are a few suggestions for maintaining it:

  • Change the coil - coils only have a short lifetime, and if you're having troubles they can often be traced back to an expired coil.
  • Wash it out - while some clearomisers are disposable and won't need washing, if you've invested in a decent tank it's only right that you should give it a clean now and then. Washing it out with a clear alcohol such as vodka, or water, should get rid of some of the gunk. You don't want to be vaping that stuff, do you? Make sure you don't wash the coil though!
  • Drying it - you can either just let your tank dry naturally for around 24 hours or use the 'dry burn' technique, where you put your vaporiser back together and press the power button for a couple of seconds. Make sure not to do this for any longer, though, dry burning should be done as little as possible.
  • Keep it out of the sun - never leave your tank (or any other parts of your set-up) out in the sun or any direct heat for long periods. This can cause leaking and weaken the tank itself.


Much like the tanks, you don't want to leave your juice out in the sun. This can cause the juice to thin out and leak in your tank, and could also negatively impact the flavour. Leaving juice to 'steep' in a cool dry place can keep it safe, and can even help to improve the flavour the longer you leave it. 

Vape Time

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