New for 2020 Vype ePod

21 February 2020  |  Eugene

The vaping world has been pushing for more performance in smaller packages, and once again, Vype has delivered. Focusing on ease of use, discretion and flavour, the Vype ePod is our favourite new vape for the new year, delivering us with more of what we want than any of the imitators.

What exactly were we looking for in our selection? Well, I'm glad you asked.

The Vype ePod - Our Product of the Year for 2020
The Vype ePod is our favourite new vape due to simplicity, discretion and flavour

No Nonsense

If you've followed the evolution of the vape as we have, you've probably witnessed the constant line up of gimmicks that promise to be the next big thing, before being exposed as nothing but bells and whistles. The Vype ePod just works, focusing on a few well-designed features to make the device a pleasure to use:

  • Smart Draw – Your first puff triggers the heating unit, getting you up and running with no buttons, tapping or tilting
  • All-Day Vaping – No more rushing to a USB port in between sessions with so you can puff away, all day
  • Click In, Click Out – Change flavour cartridges in seconds with a satisfying magnetic click

Undercover Puffer

While we all like to make a splash with a big cloud once in a while, what we really want is to be able to vape just about anywhere. The successor to the loud and chunky vape units of yesteryear, the ePod delivers all the performance with none of the fuss:

  • Sleek and Subtle – With round edges and a small frame, you'll hardly notice this vape in your pocket
  • Sound of Silence – Say goodbye to the noisy vaper's hiss with the ePod's silent and discreet draw
  • Matte Finish – The ePod's matte finish lets you fly by night while nobody's the wiser

Flavour for Days

Years ago, vapers thought that for the best flavour you'd need a tricked-out vaping rig with as many accessories and add-ons as a luxury car. Now though, the seasoned vapers know that it's all about the liquid, the heat and the draw:

  • Ceramic Wick Tech – Makes sure your eLiquid is heated evenly and effectively for maximum flavour
  • Boosted Flavour – Vype cartridges feature eLiquid enhanced with nicotine salts for a revolutionary flavour experience
  • The Flavours You Want – Vype listened to vapers and offer only the best, from Chilled Mint to Tropical Mango

It's What's On the Inside That Counts

The Vype ePod provides everything you want up front, with nothing left to the imagination. Watch the unboxing video below to see what's included.

Start Your Vype ePod Experience Today

We're obviously sold on the Vype ePod, and we think you should be too. You can pick up your own ePod and everything you need to get started with the Vype ePod Starter Kit!

Have you tried the Vype ePod? Let us know what you think in the comments below, or get in touch on Facebook or Twitter!