How the Vype ePen E-Cigarette Works (and How to Refill Them)

Friday, 5 May 2017

Providing performance and power in an exceptionally easy to use package, Vype’s ePen e-cigarette gives you different power settings in a disposable capsule form factor. This helps you stay in control of your vaping for vapour that suits your wants and needs.

The Parts of the Vype ePen

There are three core parts of the Vype ePen – the battery, the mouthpiece and the e-liquid cap. They all fit together quickly and easily to help you refill your ePen fast.

The Three Parts Of The Vype ePen

The ePen Battery

Unsurprisingly, the ePen’s battery is what supplies power to the e-cigarette. Featuring a power button with two voltage settings, the battery lets you adjust the power and intensity of your vapour to match your personal taste.

The ePen Mouthpiece

The ePen’s mouthpiece features two key functions. First and foremost, it provides a concentrating funnel for the vapour to enter your mouth, ensuring it is all used up and none is wasted. It also helps to protect the ePen e-liquid cap within, preventing it from becoming damaged and preventing leaks from occurring.

The ePen Cap

The ePen cap contains the e-liquid, which is vapourised by the battery and turned into vapour for you to inhale. The cap design of the ePen makes refilling easy and fast, while preventing any spillages and leaks.

How To Refill The Vype ePen E-Cigarette

How the ePen Battery and Caps Work Together

Once connected together, the battery will atomise the e-liquid contained in the cap, producing vapour and giving you the satisfying flavour you want. The different power options help you tailor the flavour to your taste.

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