How Many Calories Are in E-Liquid?

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Buttery popcorn and marshmallow. Pie crust, caramel and vanilla. Kentucky bourbon with toasted coconut and caramelised brown sugar, aged in an oak barrel for three weeks. There’s no denying that the e-liquid flavours available on the market today are both mad and delicious. Like a kid gone crazy with a colouring pen, it seems there’s no end to the creative concoctions these vaping geniuses can think up.

Something's Got to Give

What’s next? Cake flavour, sprinkled with gold dust and seeped in the saliva of the Milky Bar Kid? This stuff is truly like Wonka Bars for grown-ups. And whilst exploring what’s available in vape shops does make us feel like Charlie when he finds that room in the factory with the chocolate river, we can’t help but think of the cruel inevitability of life: if something tastes/feels/sounds good, it’s probably bad for you.

Whilst some flavours seem slightly lighter on the palate – grapefruit and cucumber mojito, for instance - others sound downright calorific. I mean come on, vanilla cupcake with butter-cream frosting and cream filling flavour?! Something’s got to give - how many calories are in these things?!

Vape On

Well, as it turns out, not a lot. E-liquid mainly consists of a vegetable glycerine (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) mixture, which both have approximately 4 calories per gram. Even then, you would only gain these calories if you drank the e-juice, which we don’t advise (we know it smells good but seriously, just don’t).

Vaping the liquid has not been proven to have any effect on blood sugar levels and is even safe for those with type 2 diabetes.

Some people do report weight gain when transitioning from smoking to vaping. However, this is far more likely to be as a result of your returning appetite, repaired taste buds, decreased metabolism and water retention which can occur from quitting cigarettes – not from vaping itself. Plus, when you quit smoking you will likely notice a positive change in your fitness, energy and overall health – something you can channel into exercise to counteract any weight gain!

So in shortbread - woops we mean, in short - calories are not proven to be a significant concern with regard to e-liquid. That’s certainly music to our ears – how else could you enjoy the taste of glazed donuts or cheesecake crème brulee without feeling your waistband tighten?

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I wondered are vapes safe for diabetis type 2