Do E-Cigs Cause Cancer?

Wednesday, 20 April 2016  |  Admin

I mean, what doesn’t these days, right? Every time you open your paper it seems like something else is trying to kill you, if it’s not your dinner, it’s that after-work glass of wine that was apparently supposed to be good for you only last week. This fluctuation of “is it bad/is it good?” applies just as much to e-cigarettes and vaporisers, the simple answer is:

We just don’t know.

Early Days

Vaping has been around for about 10 years now and its enthusiastic adoption by everyone from ex-smokers to A-list celebs has only exploded within the last 5, so any long-term effects of vaping are yet to be discovered.

It’s worth knowing that within this time frame the most lethal aspect of vaping has been the batteries exploding or vape tanks leaking hot fluids, and not proven cases of vaping-induced illnesses, so the lesson here is to keep up with your vaporiser maintenance!

Popcorn Lung

One study has claimed that e-cigarettes may lead to a rare condition known as “popcorn lung” – we’ll leave the visuals to your imagination – which, prior to the arrival of e-cigarettes was mostly associated with actual popcorn. Yes, your microwave popcorn, if eaten too often, can affect your lungs due to a certain flavouring known as diacetyl. While not present in all e-liquid flavours, a high percentage of them do use this chemical, especially in buttery or dessert-like flavours, as does a wide number of food stuffs that you’ve eaten for years and years. The study doesn’t offer conclusive evidence that e-cigarettes may be the end of all us vapers, but if you’re worried, fear not!

No Panic, Go Organic

Plenty brands now offer organic vape juice options that specifically avoid diacetyl but still pack in flavour. These blends also favour 100% Vegetable Glycerine bases and natural flavourings only so that everything in your vape is totally organic. Combine that with a zero nicotine level and you’ve just found the safest way to vape!

Healthier Than Cigarettes

If you’re a vaper, chances are you are looking to move on from cigarettes, and vaping is almost certainly safer than your traditional smoke  - no tar, ash or tobacco for a start. It would be foolishly optimistic of us (though we are the glass-full type) to say that Vaping is completely without risk, after all, choosing not to inhale any type of smoke or vapour is always going to be a tough alternative to beat in the health stakes.

So does vaping cause cancer, or any deadly disease? We don’t actually know yet, but so far no one’s managed to prove that it does and a decade of vapers are probably quite happy to share their personal opinion that it doesn’t, and that it is far better than their days spent on tobacco.  

The choice is yours, potential vapers! Continue with tobacco and the well proven risks that come with it or give vaping a go and start on a journey that can lead to you being tobacco-free and maybe even nicotine free in the end. Ready to start? Then head to our online store!