Can You Drink E-Juice?

Monday, 25 April 2016  |  Admin

It's a question that has been plaguing the world's greatest minds for millennia; can you drink e-juice? Well, if vaping your e-juice isn't giving you enough of a nicotine hit and you want to live on the edge, then the next 'logical' step may be to try and drink your e-juice. It tastes good when you vape it, so what could possibly go wrong? Right...?

It Doesn't Taste Good

As most experienced vapers will tell you, accidentally getting some e-liquid in your mouth isn't a pleasant experience. You might think that all these delicious flavours you get whilst vaping would translate nicely to the taste of the liquid itself, but unfortunately that's not the case. This is probably for the best though, as it means that should any children somehow get hold of a bottle, they probably won't want to keep drinking it. If you're wanting to drink e-juice for the taste alone, just go to the supermarket! There's a whole range of drinks actually fit for human consumption.

Aren't all the Ingredients Safe?

The main ingredients in e-liquid; PG and VG, have indeed been 'generally recognised as safe' when ingested, by the FDA. However, this is in small amounts, and should you drink your e-juice you'll be getting a much higher concentration of the substances than you do when they're in foods and drinks as flavourings. While the bigger problem is certainly nicotine, even a nicotine-free e-juice would probably have unpleasant side effects. The main question is, though, if it tastes bad and won't give a nicotine hit, why on earth would you want to be drinking it?

Nicotine is Harmful

While it shouldn't have too many serious side-effects when vaped, drinking nicotine is a completely different proposition. Published guidelines claim that around 30 - 60mg of nicotine would be enough to kill a person. This data seems to be outdated, especially since that is less nicotine per kilo than it takes to kill a mouse. The trouble is, for some reason people aren't exactly volunteering to be part of an experiment on fatal doses of nicotine. Dr Jaques Le Houezec has estimated that the lethal dose is at least twenty times higher than current estimates, based on cases of nicotine poisoning in children.

So, the information isn't very reliable, but even so, drinking an e-liquid containing nicotine is certainly a bad idea. A 15ml bottle at 24mg/ml nicotine concentration would contain 360mg of nicotine. This is enough to kill someone several times over based on current estimates, and while it is not a lethal dose based on the revised estimates, it doesn't seem like a good idea to gamble, especially as young children wouldn't have to consume as much as an adult.

You'll Spend a Lot of Time in the Bathroom

So, you've read through this article and nothing has deterred you. In fact, you're determined to drink your e-juice. The problem is nicotine, so you've got some e-liquid ready to go. Well, when consumed in large amounts (ie. swigging e-juice) VG – one of the key ingredients in e-liquid – can have a laxative effect, so much so that it is sometimes used as constipation medication. Other side effects include vomiting, nausea and headaches, so if your idea of a good time is spending all day on the toilet while your body conspires against you, then go ahead!

Don't Drink E-Juice...

All in all, it's probably best not to drink e-juice. Because children have a lower tolerance, you should take all necessary precautions to keep your e-juice away from them at all times. While you yourself probably won't die, you'll probably get ill and spend most of your time on the toilet, and it won't even taste good. Still tempted? Well, you my friend have some bigger issues than e-juice!