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We think vaping is great, but some people aren't as enlightened as us here at Vape Mountain. There’s been a lot of controversy and confusion with regards to the legislation of buying e-cigarettes, and major card companies, such as Visa, have been known to restrict the sales of e-cigarettes. Unfortunately this can have an impact both on retailers like ourselves, and also you, the customer!

We don't want anything to get in the way of you switching to a much healthier alternative to smoking, and we think that, as long as you're old enough, access to vaping equipment should be universal. 

For Visa Jolly Good Fellow

Aaaand nobody can decline (your card). There's no need to worry about payment methods, because at Vape Mountain we accept most major debit and credit cards including, luckily for you, Visa debit! Credit cards might be a hassle you don't want, and if that's true then the easiest method could just be using your bank card. If you'd rather pay with MasterCard, Maestro or Visa Electron though, then you're perfectly welcome to.

We also offer secure payment processing from SagePay and PayPal. Like with Visa, there was also some controversy over using PayPal to purchase electronic cigarettes, and in some cases payment was restricted. This was understandably frustrating for vaping enthusiasts who wanted a speedy, hassle-free process to go with PayPal’s added security. Luckily, we have approval to use PayPal, so this isn't an issue at Vape Mountain.

Stars and Stripes

Amazing grace, how sweet the pound! These restrictions are generally stricter in the US, so it's lucky for you that over this side of the pond restrictions have eased enough to allow you to pursue your vaping easily. Chalk one up to the UK over our friends in the land of the free.

What Can I Buy with Visa?

What can't you buy with Visa? Now you're armed and ready with your Visa card, it's time to see what you can get with it. Firstly, why not check out our great range of e-liquids? We've got a wide range of choice, with great offerings from the likes of Five Pawns, Space Jam, Cosmic Fog and Charlie's Chalk Dust, to name a few. 

If a new vaping device is on the agenda, then check out our whole range of vaporisers, and coming soon we'll have an enviable array of accessories to go with them. 


Sound good? Good. Then what are you waiting for? Shop all products on Vape Mountain now!

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