After an E-Lites Discount Code? Check out our Logic Pro Refill Range Here

Thursday, 26 May 2016

If you’re trying to find an E-Lites discount code, search no further. Hunting for an E-Lites discount code costs you far too much of your valuable time, which you can save buy buying Logic Pro refills here at Vape Mountain.

Our E-Lites refill pricing is so good, you don’t even need a discount code to save money!

The Logic Pro, E-Lites’ latest e-cigarette, features some fantastic flavours, and here at Vape Mountain we’ve got a huge range of Logic Pro refills to tantalise your tastebuds.

e-lites money saving

Stock Up and Save

Our Logic Pro refill pricing has been designed to make your life easier, as well as cheaper. When you buy in bigger quantities of Logic Pro refills you can save some serious scratch without having to hunt high and low for an E-Lites discount code.

Single packs of three Logic Pro capsules are available at £3.99, but once you start buying in bulk the prices drop and the savings rise:

  • 6 refill packs are available at £3.92 per pack –saving you 42p
  • 12 refill packs are available at £3.88 per pack – saving you £1.32
  • 18 refill packs are available at £3.84 per pack – saving you £2.70
  • 24 refill packs are available at £3.80 per pack – saving you £4.56
  • 48 refill packs are available at £3.75 per pack – saving you £11.52

Great Logic Pro Flavours

What’s more, these bulk savings apply to every single one of the Logic Pro refills – be they Brazilian Bold Tobacco, Ice Fjord Menthol, White Vanilla or Red Cherry flavours at any nicotine strength – so you can get great savings without worrying about having an E-Lites discount code.

The Brazillian Bold Tobacco Flavour gives an authentic and rich tobacco flavour – great for people switching from cigarettes –and the Ice Fjord Menthol features a cool classic menthol flavour ideal for former menthol cigarette smokers.

The White Vanilla and Red Cherry flavours are great for more experienced vapers looking to branch out into some sweeter flavours – Red Cherry gives a sweet and tangy cherry flavour, and White Vanilla provides a smooth and relaxed vanilla flavour.

Just Starting With Logic Pro?

If you’re just starting with the E-Lites Logic Pro and are looking to save money with your first purchase, our Logic Pro Saver Packs are a great place to begin.

These packs include the Logic Pro E-Cigarette Starter Kit along with 18 Logic Pro capsules, and just like our great bulk deals they apply to every flavour and strength of the Logic Pro cartridges so you can satisfy your tastebuds no matter your palate.

There’s More!

We’re always looking to give you even better pricing on Logic Pro refills to beat any E-Lites discount code, so keep your eyes on Vape Mountain so you never miss out.

Shop Logic Pro Refills now.