Blu MyBlu Intense Blueberry Nicotine Salt Liquidpods

  • Sweet and fruity blueberry flavour
  • Available in 18mg nicotine strength
  • VG: 35%, PG: 65%
  • Bulk purchases available from £4.70 per pack
Our Price:  £5.49 (Inc. 20% VAT)
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Brand:  Blu
Product Colour  Black
Flavour  Blueberry
Strength  18mg
Country of Origin  USA
Refill Type  Cartridge
Compatible With  Blu MyBlu

Blu MyBlu Intense Blueberry Nicotine Salt Liquidpods

If you're a smoker looking for a safer alternative* or an experienced vaper hoping to discover something more, you might enjoy the Blu MyBlu Intense Blueberry Nicotine Salt Liquidpods. This revolutionary product is made using a different nicotine extraction process that delivers superior satisfaction and allows you to enjoy a more flavoursome vape. Since nicotine salt delivers the nicotine to your body more efficiently than most e-liquids, you will end up using less than you would with a traditional e-juice to achieve the same level of satisfaction.

Flavour Profile of Intense Blueberry

The MyBlu Intense Blueberry faithfully delivers the refreshing flavour of ripe, handpicked blueberries. Thanks to the special extraction process that produces nicotine salt, the full range of fruity sweetness is combined with an intense nicotine experience, adding a familiar punch to your vape without distorting the taste.

The MyBlu Intense Liquidpods are available in four flavours, ensuring you end up satisfied even if you're not a fan of blueberries. If you prefer a different flavour, MyBlu Intense is also available in:

Nicotine Strength

Blu MyBlu Intense Blueberry is available in 18mg nicotine strength.

Made for MyBlu

The Nicotine Salt Liquidpods are compatible with the MyBlu Device, which has been carefully engineered to offer superior quality in a sleek and convenient design. Its all-day battery charges in only 20 minutes, ensuring you're never left wanting for more.

What Are Nicotine Salts?

Most e-liquids use a form of nicotine known as freebase nicotine, which easily evaporates from e-cigarette aerosol, resulting in the release of nicotine from the aerosol droplets in the mouth, where it is slowly absorbed into the body. This is why vaping often seems much less satisfactory than smoking.

Nicotine salts are a natural component of actual tobacco leaves. They are less volatile than freebase nicotine, and remain in the inhaled e-cigarette aerosol until the aerosol reaches the lungs, where it is then absorbed. The Blu MyBlu Intense Liquidpods contain nicotine salts to offer you the best possible vaping experience.

Enjoy a More Satisfying Vaping Experience

Nicotine salts get the nicotine to the lungs, where absorption into the blood stream is rapid. This results in quick transport to the nicotine receptors in the brain, offering a much more satisfying experience.

Ideal for Smokers Looking for an Alternative

Due to their quick delivery and targeted absorption into oxygenated blood flow from the lungs, the MyBlu Intense Liquidpods are ideal for smokers looking for a less harmful alternative. Nicotine salt offers instant satisfaction, greater intensity and less harshness on the throat for a satisfyingly smooth hit.

Join Hundreds of Satisfied Users

Blu MyBlu Intense Nicotine Salt Liquidpods are a revolutionary product that is rapidly changing the vaping community. Of those who have already tried it out, 78% gave it a very positive overall rating, while 74% find Nicotine Salt Liquidpods superior to similar products that don't contain nicotine salt.

Can I Buy in Bulk?

We offer the MyBlu Liquidpods in a number of different pack sizes, allowing you to select the option that best suits your consumption:

Packs Cost Cost per Pack
1 Pack (2 Liquidpods) £5.49 £5.49 per Pack
2 Packs (4 Liquidpods) £10.58 £5.29 per Pack
3 Packs (6 Liquidpods) £15.57 £5.19 per Pack
4 Packs (8 Liquidpods) £19.96 £4.99 per Pack
5 Packs (10 Liquidpods) £24.50 £4.90 per Pack
10 Packs (20 Liquidpods) £48.49 £4.85 per Pack
15 Packs (30 Liquidpods) £71.99 £4.80 per Pack
20 Packs (40 Liquidpods) £94.99 £4.75 per Pack
25 Packs (50 Liquidpods) £117.99 £4.70 per Pack

Product Disclaimer

Please be aware that this product contains nicotine, a highly addictive substance. E-cigarettes are not intended as an aid to smoking cessation and should not be used as such. They are intended only as an alternative to other tobacco products.

*The NHS state that e-cigarettes "carry a small fraction of the risk of cigarettes".

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Does exactly what it says on the box

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